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How to keep your extensions clean

The great thing about eyelash extensions is that you don’t need to wear lots of other eye makeup. However, some people still like to add eyeliner/eyeshadow for more dramatic eyes.

It’s extremely important that you keep your extensions clean. We retail lash cleansers and make up removers that are oil free and can be used with a soft makeup brush to ensure cleaning right in the lash line. 

If lashes are not kept clean they may fall out quicker, and you can develop reactions and infections in the eye area.

Avoid sleeping on lashes

Easier said than done, but sleeping on your face can cause lashes to fall out quicker and your lashes will sit in the wrong direction. 

We recommend clients to wear an eyelash sleep masks which will help with retention issues. It’s also important that you brush your lashes in the morning to ensure lashes don’t get tangled.

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Avoid oily skincare/makeup products

Oil will start to dissolve adhesive and over time will create retention problems. It’s important to keep your face clear from oil as much as possible as oil in the face can still spread to the lash follicles. 

A good skincare routine is recommended to ensure your skin and lashes stay fresher and fuller for longer.